L2k Display Setup Part 3

Now we are going to configure the script to do what we want.

Open up the l2kdispsettings.php in a text or php editor such as Dreamweaver or Coda.

Have a look through the settings and make changes as you please.

Key Colour Settings Advice

When you get to the Key Colour Settings make sure l2k is configured to have a universal colour for each time segment.
If it does not then the key will be rendered useless.

To make sure you get what I am saying, Open up l2k (if it is not open already)

Right Click on Lightning MapRight click on the Lightning Map and select "Strokes"

Unified Stroke Colour

Notice how all the strokes are all in one colour for that 1 tab? This is how we want it.

On the "Newer" tab pick a different colour and unify it across all strokes and keep on going through the other tabs untill you done.

Be advised that the colours you pick now will have to be reflected in the l2kdispsettings.php document.

Now Lets cover the colour combos in the settings:

Pick good contrasting colours that will stand out from text to background:
Eg: a black background to white text.

Colour's are defined by a hexadecimal value, unfortunately the windows colour selector doesn't output a hex value that you can copy and paste into the settings file :(

So you will have to look for a close match to what colour is represented unfortunately.

A good Hex Colour schemer can be found here.

Edit the ajaxl2k.js file

In order for the Live updates to work you need to edit the files in the Javascript document.

Edit the settings in the start of the Javascript file these settings are outlined in the document.

You need to specify where its going to get your data from, this is the mysummary.txt file.

Save the settings document and then upload all the files to your webserver/website hoster.


If you are choosing NOT to use l2k's ftp feature you need to upload these files every minute:

1. The Lightning Map.

2. RAW Lightning Map (if you have it enabled in the script)

3. Threat Assesment Map (if you have it enabled in the script)

4. The Detector status text file.

5. The mysummary text file.

6. The Nowcast text file.

7. The Lighting Location Data file (if you want to use that feature).

Now start Browsing

Open up your Web browser and type in the address of your website and then wxl2k.php

You are now finished with the setup process :D

If you want to test out the script before you hook the script to it you can use the test files in testing data files folder.

If you have any problems with the script feel free to contact me.