L2k Display Setup Part 2

1. Go to the Lightning 2000 Program folder in My Computer, 2 new files should be made. These Files are selected in the screen shot below:

My Computer with 2 new files selected

2. Go back to the Lightning 2000 Application then go to the Options Menu and select the "Screen Capture" option.

Select Screen Capture Option

3.. Select the Custom Summary Tab and then make up a file name that doesn't exist in the l2k folder.

Set the auto-save option to 1 min then set the min strokes/min to 0.

Lightning 2000 Screen Capture Settings

4. Now click on the "Real-time Lightning" Tab and tick the "Enabled" checkbox (if it hasnt been already checked).

Then enter the width as 640 and the height as 480. Auto-save should be set to 1 min.

Then select a Graphics option to output the lightning map to. I recommend PNG as it is very good quality and uses less space then JPG and BMP.

Beware BMP files are MASSIVE and most likely will take up a large amount of your bandwidth!

Lightning Map Capture

If you want to show the threat assessment go to the threat assessment tab and check the enabled box, set the width to 640 and height to 480. Give it a place to export to (lightning 2000 program folder should be fine).

5.Now head over to the "Nowcast" tab, enter a location and name for the nowcast file.

I suggest keeping the file named: "nowcast.txt" for simplicity reasons.

Set the autosave interval to 1 min.

Nowcast Settings Screenshot

If you want to export the Raw Lightning Screenshot (and use it in l2k display) you have to do that via the custom summary. Follow step 6 if you want to do this:

6. If you have a custom summary script just for making screenshots use that if not make a new txt file and add this command to it.


#ProduceScreenCapture( 'Raw Lightning Data', 'location and name of where you want the image to be saved to', 640, 480 )

location and name of where you want the image to be saved to is a windows based location with a file name with it. EG: C:/Program Files/Aninoquisi/Lightning2000/raw.png

Save the txt file into the Lightning 2000 Program Folder and then open the Custom Summary Manager in L2k, press the add button and select the file you just made.

Since this is a command based operation there is no data to export you don't need to check any of the output options.

Set the time to 1/min.

If you want to use 3rd party app to upload the Lightning Map and the Raw Data you can ignore this below and move on to the next section.


6. Go to the L2k Main screen menu select "Options" then "Internet" then "FTP"

L2k FTP Menu

7. Tick the enabled option and then enter your FTP credentials if you haven't already. Put the FTP update Interval to 1 min.

L2k FTP Window

Once of those steps are complete you can move on to the next section.