L2k Display Setup Part 1

First of all unzip the downloaded file to your desktop. Windows XP/2003 and later carry the ability to unzip files without the need to install a 3rd party app.

First thing..

We need to instruct Lightning 2000 to export the lightning data so the L2k display scrip can use it.

To do this copy over "Data Export (frequent).txt" or "Status Line Template (online).txt" to your Lightning 2000 Program folder. If you wish to enable Lightning Area Notifications copy over "Region Data Export.txt" to the Lightning 2000 folder as well.

Open Lightning 2000 if it is not open, then select the options menu then click on "Custom Summary Manager".

Lightning 2000 Custom Summary Manager

Click on the "Add" Button and select "Data Export (frequent).txt", then check the File option. Press the "Change" Button under the File option and give it a place to store the outputted data (recommended: L2k Program Folder), name it mysummary.txt.

Select how often you would want to update this data (I suggest 15 seconds to 1 min (ensure this update time is the same as the FTP time too))

Then Press the "Add" button again and this time select the "Status Line Template (online).txt" check the File Option and then press change and give it place to store its contents, name it "detectorstatus.txt" with out the quotes.

Update Time should be set to 1/min or 2 min.

If you wish to utilize the Lightning Area Notifications that Lightning 2000 5.4 provides, Make up a region on the Lightning 2000 Map.

If you dont want to enable this feature of L2k display then move on to" FTP or not to FTP down below.

To do this move into Live Lightning mode if you are in RAW mode then right click on the place you would like a region. A right contextual menu will appear, hover on "New Map Object" then select Location then click on "Region"

Lightning 2000 Right Contextual Menu for making a region

A Box will now appear asking where you want the region, click on the map where you would like the region. A dashed box line will now appear indicating where the area is, if you think that region area is too small right click on the border of the region (the dashed line) and then a contextual menu will appear.Lightning 2000 Region area Click on the edit option under the "<<Region>>" menu.

Lightning 2000 Region area edit

Once you have done that 4 circles will appear on the 4 edges of the box and you can now drag out the area to your wishes.

Right click on the region area box again and select the edit option again in the list (this will make the area "locked" so you cant accidentally change it).

Repeat the above steps for any other regions you want to make.

Then right click on the box a 3rd time and select the "Name" option, give it a name and then hit OK.

When you exit Lightning 2000 a prompt will come up asking you if you wanted to save the changes to the map, please say yes otherwise your hard work would have just gone down the toilet.

OK so now we have got making up a region out of the way, we can move on how l2k will output this to the web.

Open up the "Region Data Export.txt" in your Lightning 2000 folder in Windows Notepad.

It should look like this:


If @LightningDetectedIn( 'Hamilton' ) then #Write('True|') else #Write('False|') endif If @LightningDetectedIn( 'Cambridge' ) then #Write('True|') else #Write('False|') endif

Replace the region name(s) of the location(s) you have given that you want to monitor for lightning.

If you only to monitor 1 region then get rid of the 2nd Lightning Detectedin command and other commands nested in the if statement.

If you want more regions to be covered then just copy 1 of the if lightningdetectedin commands and associated write commands and just change the name and save.

NOTE: Please Make sure the regions entered are the same in the script settings!

FTP or not to FTP

If you run your own webserver or you want to get another app to FTP the data files for you You can move on to the Next Step

Make a txt document in Windows Notepad or equivalent text editor (not Word!) Add this below to it but substitute the filename and or location if you have changed it in the previous step.


#AddToUploadQueue( @L2KFolder + 'mysummary.txt' ) #AddToUploadQueue( @L2KFolder + 'detectorstatus.txt' ) #PerformFTP

Add the Regionwarn.txt to the upload queue command if your using the location based lightning notifications as well.

Save the document in the Lightning 2000 Program Folder and then use the "add" command in the custom summary manager.

Set the time you would like these files to be FTP'd to the server and thats it. Since the FTP commands dont output anything you dont need to do anything else.

You can now move on to the next step.