Lightning 2000 Display Script


Lightning 2000 Version 5.4.0 or Later

PHP v5.0 or higher enabled webserver (your hosting provider should have this enabled for you)

PHP GD Graphical Support. (Most hosts who have enable PHP should have this enabled too)

Client side Requirements

Javascript (for live updates and graphing)

For Internet Explorer:Version 6.0 or Later.

All other browsers should be fine.


Redistribution is prohibited unless already discussed with me (the Original Author).


Ok lets get started by getting L2k Setup:

Start Instructions

Part 2

Part 3


Click here to download the script.

If you are still using v1.3 or lower please download the full package.


If you were using version 1.40 then you can easily upgrade to version 1.41.

Click here to download the update script.

Simply unzip the file and FTP/replace wxl2k.php and thats the upgrade done.


If you are noticing that the script isnt looking correct you may want to download my l2k display settings checker script.

Once you have downloaded this diagnostic script upload it to the same place you put l2kdispsettings.php.

Then Open up your web-browser and navigate to this script.

It will then display the problems you have with the script settings and also what settings are correct.

Once you have fixed the settings problems,delete the script from your website.

Download the Diagnostic Script: here