About the Matangi Weather Website

Matangi Weather was born in 2009 and since then has gone through several transitions.

In 2009 when Matangi Weather was made, it had a black theme, in 2010 Matangi Weather was upgraded to the Saratoga Templates with a twist.

Now in 2012, Matangi Weather has been upgraded to its own unique site and look which came with a domain change as well and upgraded hosting.

Matangi Weather is organization of People of who operate the station and help keep it going.

Matangi Weather is written in HTML5 and Jquery for Javascript and takes full advantages of CSS3 (if your browser supports it)

A big thanks to the people who helped me learn how to web-program, Ken True and my Lecturers at Wintec Hamilton.

Supported Browsers

Since Matangi Weather is written in valid HTML5, It only partially supports older browsers such as Internet Explorer 7, it doesn't support Internet Explorer 6 anymore.

The Best browsers to view this website on, is Safari,Chrome and Firefox.

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