About Matangi Village and Climate


Matangi is rural village just 8 kilometers ESE away from Central Hamilton, The population in Matangi is around 300 comprised mostly of Farmers and residential home-owners.

Matangi is approximately 55 meters above sea level. Hence why it never gets snow.

Matangi was given its name from Maoris that used to live in the area, it means "unsettled wind".

Official WXSIM Matangi Climate Narrative

Located on New Zealand's North Island, Matangi has a mild, rather maritime climate.

It has fairly generous rainfall totaling about 1200 mm per year, and well distributed through the seasons.

Extremes of temperature are rare, though greater than on the nearby coast.

In winter, light frosts are not uncommon, but lows of -6 C are quite rare.

Summer highs occasionally exceed 30 C, but almost never 33 C.

Snow is very rare, though not too unusual on the mountains to the southeast.

Thunderstorms and small hail may occur at times, but they are rarely severe.

The weather is quite changeable throughout the year, though settled spells of a few days do occur.

Overall the climate is quite pleasant.